Khaya Tri Cooker

The Khaya Tri Cooker is an  appliance that provides the 3 essential energies needed in the home, cooking heating and baking.

2 Stage TLUD Gasifier Stove

Conventional wood fires burn with about a 30% efficiency. They smoke and emit harmful gases. The simple fact is that smoke is unburned fuel and if it can be burned, then smoke will be eliminated and the fuel efficiency is increased.

The Khaya cooker Gasifier uses a 2 stage combustion process to ensure full use of the fuel. The first stage heats the biomass through a process called “pyrolysis” which releases the volatile gases in the fuel. The second important stage injects air jets into these gases and burns the released gas efficiently, creating more heats and eliminating any harmful emissions.

The Gasifier  has a double insulation layer which ensures that the body of stoves stays cool while the fire chamber temperature is over 700C.

Cooker Advantages

  • Costs less than paraffin to run
  • Uses renewable fuel made from wood waste products
  • High level of burn efficiency
  • Easy to load and empty
  • The Khaya  Tri Cooker Tri-angular  Base offers insulation and allows it to be used on any surface
  • Safe for indoors use as it produces no smoke or harmful gases
  • Can be run off battery or a mains power adapter

The Khaya Tri Cooker has been designed for use in rural/ informal settlements.

The Fan Base which ensures smokeless operation  can be powered in 3 ways

  •  Power Bank
  • AC/DC Adapter
  •  Solar charger

The Khaya Tri Cooker function is intended to the perfect replacement for paraffin stoves, charcoal stoves and open wood fires, whose dangers are well documented.

See PowerPoint presentation for more information.

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