Why Hadlow innovations?

From as far back as Billy can remember he was always opening, removing screws from equipment and gadgets at Home. He was constantly in hot water with is father, John for leaving tools and equipment lying around.

Occasionally the radios, washing machines, kettles, and drills never worked after Billy took them apart. 

This curiosity led Billy on a path of wanting to solve problems and build solutions to address Poverty, Energy poverty and Data poverty.  The challenge of most Inventions is the need for traction and the ability to scale in order to carve a profitable business over time. Billy hopes that one day one of his inventions will make a difference to the 3 poverty issues he is passionate about.

Billy”s 2 sons are innovators in their own right and inspire Billy every day. 


  • PVC Gully surround
  • Easy to install
  • Durable PVC foam board
  • Modular


  • Multi-charger
  • Vehicle tracking
  • On Board WIFI Hotspot


  • Stainless steel Pico Oven
  • Usable on Gas stoves, 3 stone fire, Tlud stoves, Rocket stove and Charcoal stoves.
  • Modular


  • Small wood-burning gas stove 
  • Cheaper than paraffin to run
  • Uses renewable fuel made from wood waste products
  • High level of burn efficiency
  • Safe for indoors use
  • Can be run 5 volts DC or AC mains
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