Altgas Stove

Altgas is an appliance that provides the 3 essential energies needed in the home, cooking heating and baking.

Altgas stoves can utilise multiple fuels in the same stove

  • Used old cooking oil
  • Used old Engine oils
  • Charcoal
  • Wood pellets

The syngas produced from the fuels are gasified. Combustion of the syngas takes place to generate a clean cooking flame.

The Gasifier chamber has a double insulation layer which ensures that the body of stoves stays cool while the fire chamber temperature is in excess 500C.

Altgas Advantages

  • Costs less than paraffin to run
  • High level of burn efficiency
  • Easy to load and empty
  • The Altgas Tri-angular Base offers insulation and allows it to be used on any surface
  • Altgas can be powered by Solar, AC power or DC power
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