For many millions in Africa and the developing world, a light is not a “flip of a switch” nor is cooking at the “twist of a dial”. These simple tasks require using fossils fuels that are inefficient, unhealthy and costly. In fact the cost of these essentials is so expensive relative to their income that many millions live in “energy poverty”.

KHAYA POWER is a clean-power technology company with a purpose, striving to directly impact the lives of our customers and partners with our power solutions.

 We accomplish this by:

  • Making a difference to households in developing countries who have inadequate, unreliable or no access to grid-supplied electrical power,
  • By introducing smart technologies (such as rechargeable battery packs and clean-burning cookstoves) that are appropriate to the markets they address in terms of affordability and accessibility to the Off-Grid consumer, and
  • Partnering with local businesses in each region. We will operate in a way that creates sustainable value chains for our technologies and the renewable fuels used.

Our Core Belief is that “smart green living” should be within everyone’s reach regardless of their social or economic situation or status.

Our Mantra is…

Renewable Energy Technologies are not for rich or poor, they are for ALL!

We believe that the technologies used in the past to build large power stations, and supply power via regional grids will be surpassed, and replaced by local distributed power plants & supply companies.

KHAYA POWER is developing a new class of low cost DC domestic appliances that will help households to live better and become more energy aware and efficient. These devices will:

  • Understand the environment in which they operate, and make smart choices for the consumer.
  • Use much less energy than in the past to get the job done.
  • Be able to easily communicate their energy usage and status to the utility and consumer.

Our Traxibar,  Power banks  and our Khaya Cooker  &  Khaya Oven are examples of Modern Energy efficient and aware devices.

Take a look at what we have planned for the people of Africa!

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